Lotus in the Sun

The little seed lamented …
“You planted me in somber waters
where life had shed its skin
amidst the forsaken and unseen.
Then you called to me.”

O come, little one!
Come into my Presence,
and the glory that awaits you.

She listened with wonder.
Impossible, undeniable, undeserved … yet true.

Was there a quiver along the edges of her being?
What held her to this flame she could not see?
Was there a kiss upon the tangled graveyard around her?
Had this tomb become her cradle
and divine, the Hand that rocked it?

“Yes!” she cried.
“Here I come, O Light Divine …
to you, of you … yours.”

Upon her acceptance came a resplendent rising,
while she was held in stillness,
through no power of her own,
a burgeoning luminescence,
a ripening chroma painted in light.

What universe was this to greet her with song?
And then it paused …
She opened wide and strong, breathing the Light,
though standing still in darkness.



9 1/3" x 16 1/8"

Archival inks, watercolor and colored pencil on rag paper.

To purchase the original art kindly contact the artist.

Also available in limited edition giclee prints.