Love Without Distance


Love Without Distance


Love Without Distance: A Heartscape of Art and Verse by Dorothy Bury Shaw

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Love Without Distance celebrates human relationships and a bountiful intimacy with the Divine through art and poetry. The author’s lush, intricate artwork stretches across an ephemeral existence to touch hearts. Her verse awakens a broad range of human experiences, tapping into the darkest recesses, shedding gentle, penetrating light to soothe the heart and bring clarity to the restless soul. The author provides a gateway to a poignant life and deeper awareness in relationships, lifting heavy shadows to reveal a powerful consciousness where loving God, loving others, and loving oneself become one seamless sacred act. This book is for the soulful seekers who relish quiet moments of introspection. It is for the wounded and healing hearts reaching for light in the darkness. This book is for those who love God and find joy in a deeper knowing. It’s for those who are grateful, for those who are struggling, and for those who are poised for great change. As a gift for yourself or for another, Love Without Distance is a book to revisit again and again. You will turn to these pages to renew, restore, and remember the One who knows you like no other, and experience abundant life with those you love.

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What people are saying

“Dorothy’s work tells the story of the heart and soul.  She can express feelings we may not even know we have within ... all brought forward in her art and poetry.”  

Maria K. Malayter, Ph.D. 
Speaker, professor, and author of Navigating the R.I.D.E. of Change: A Journey to Wellness and Healing

“Dorothy Bury Shaw skillfully combines poetry with her lyrical artwork.  This book provides a calming respite from our hectic lives.”  

John A. Tuleweit
Curator of the Bloomingdale (Art) Museum

“Dorothy breathes soul into every stroke, sparking embers of illumination, depth, and intimacy. As she evokes the Divine, you will find Rumi hovering in the eaves.” 

Tamara Werth
Psychotherapist and sculptor in marble

“Love Without Distance is truly a work of the heart, and a feast for the soul.  As we behold each painting we are invited into a rhythm of color, line, and pattern where we experience ourselves in a Sacred space which is both vibrant and alive, a healing kiss for our world. ” 

Mary Southard, CSJ
Artist, educator, and retreat director