Persephone’s Daughter

She fears not these dark days,
nor the molecular marvels of her underworld.
Real as they might appear, they hold no place
in the wakening spectrum of her consciousness.

With a fearless wisdom
and an emboldened knowing,
she does not blink at a discomforting awareness.

Around her, in the depths of blackness,
the earth's own alchemy molders with perfection.
What masquerades as dull, leaden silence
is weightless in this sanctum.
Root tips are etching delicate fractals,
and a radiant warmth emanates.

In her utter stillness
without thinking, without judgement,
where light is felt, not seen,
when day and night are indistinguishable,
where life and death are one,
she creates and delivers.

She burrows deeper with no exertion,
afloat on the buried river of dreamlessness,
until she surfaces once again, 
with a toss of her rumpled hair.
The shadows of leaf buds cast freckles on her shoulders
as she heralds the springtime.


9 1/3" x 16 1/8"

Archival inks, watercolor and colored pencil on rag paper.


Available in limited edition giclee prints.